Policies and Safeguarding

Below are links to our various policy documents (Opens as pdf):

COVID 19 measures

Please click below to familiarise yourself with our safety information before attending class

  • On arrival: If you feel unwell, please go home, only return once you are sure you do not have COVID 19.
  • Arrive in your kit. Bring minimal items with you and place them in the storage cubicle.
  • Maintain Social Distancing: Maintain a distance of at least 2 metres distance between yourelf and anyone else.
  • During Class: Avoid sharing e.g. Chalk, roisin, equipment. Do not spot each other. Your mentor will not be able to spot you. Avoid touching your face. If you feel unwell, let a mentor know.
  • After Class: Remember all your belongings. Sanitise/wash your hands. Maintain social distancing as you leave. If you feel unwell within 14 days of a class, get in touch via admin@circuscentral.co.uk
  • Track and Trace: In line with health and GDPR regulations: By coming to class you agree to your data being shared for the sole purposes of track and trace in the event of a confirmed COVID 19 case